MLB team pays more than $100 million in luxury taxes despite failure

NEW YORK.- The New York Mets of the MLB They will have to pay $101 million in luxury taxes, a record figure for the team that finished fourth in its division. There are eight teams, an unprecedented amountwho will have to pay the penalty for the 2023 season.

The owner of the Mets, Steve Cohenfinished the campaign with a payroll of $374.7 million, according to figures that ended Thursday Major League Baseball and which The Associated Press obtained. This figure surpasses the previous record of 292.1 million of the Los Angeles Dodgers of 2015.

The tax bill of the Mets was $100,781,932 after finishing fourth in the Eastern Division of the National League with a record of 75-87, in what is considered the most costly mistake in baseball history. More than double the previous record of the Dodgers in 2015 of 43.6 million.

The Mets They saved $18 million this year after selling several players over the summer, trading Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, David Robertson and Mark Canha. Its payroll in June 2030 was projected at 384 million, according to the MLB and those extra 9.3 million would have resulted in 8.4 million extra taxes.

The total could have been higherbut they benefited from a tax credit of just over $2.1 million that was negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement for a payroll overcharge involving three players they traded.

Debts of other MLB teams:

Other teams that will have to pay luxury taxes are San Diego (39.7 million), New York Yankees (32.4 million), Dodgers (19.4 million), Philadelphia (6.98 million), toronto (5.5 million), atlanta (3.2 million) and Texas, champion of the World Series (1.8 million). Tiles, Braves and Rangers They will pay for the first time.

Tax payrolls are calculated with annual average values.