Military expert Mölling: Europe must prepare for Trump’s victory

Germany and its European partners should prepare for a possible election victory for Donald Trump – instead of sitting idly by and watching the spectacle in America

Security expert Christian Mölling has called on Europeans not to fall into a state of shock out of fear of Donald Trump’s possible return to the White House. Mölling said on Friday star-Podcast “The situation – international”: “The question is whether the Germans and the Europeans understand that they themselves are actors and can act.” They don’t have the opportunity to influence Trump’s success or defeat in the US presidential election in November, “but they can prepare for it – we’re at different stages at the moment.” At the same time, the research director of the German Foreign Policy Society made it clear that he believes Trump’s re-election is possible, but by no means guaranteed. Trump presents his comeback as inevitable. “We buy it for different reasons,” said Mölling. “But American colleagues in particular tell me: Now wait a moment.” We should not underestimate what it will mean if Trump is on trial. “These images will have an impact on many Americans.”

Regardless of the outcome of the election, the expert expects new challenges for the Europeans. “Certain policy directions will continue as before with both Trump and Biden,” he explained. The conflict with China over Taiwan’s future is central to the USA – no matter who becomes the next president. He also expected continuity in technology and industrial policy, even if not in style and tone.

“The EU has almost disappeared in the defense sector”

According to Mölling’s assessment, these different priorities can lead to a kind of division of labor between Europe and the USA: While the Europeans concentrate on Russia’s war in Ukraine, the USA looks at China and Taiwan.

However, the new requirements for European security policy do not mean that cooperation between the EU states on defense issues will be dramatically expanded. “All dreams of what the European Union could be and achieve are gone,” said Mölling. Nobody talks about an EU army anymore. The Union has made great achievements in sanctions against Russia and has also been important in energy policy. “But in the defense sector the EU has almost disappeared.”