‘Migrants would become criminals’: Ebrard explains repercussions if Texas endorses immigration law

Although a court ‘froze’ the law to detain and expel migrants in Texas, former Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard warned that United States authorities will determine this Wednesday, March 20 if this legislation continues to stand.

In an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva, Ebrad explained that the controversial law against migrants in Texas was revived because “it is the axis of the Republican campaign,” since the elections in The United States is just around the corner. However, he clarified that this law would have serious consequences for fellow citizens if it is approved.

“If it comes into force, it is established that any person who enters, who is in the United States, Without your documents you become a criminal”, he detailed.

In addition, the former chancellor explained that a system very similar or close to various models of apartheid could also be established, that is, migrants They could be detained or arrested because of their physical appearance:

“I’m not exaggerating, because you can be detained for your appearance at any time, you will have to show your documents and you can be taken to the station, you can imagine the amount of abuse and abuse that will result from this,” he added.

One of the biggest concerns for Mexico, he said, is that this law will be replicated in several US states, this means that if Texas endorses it, other areas of said country could do so. “If this law is successful, from now on Arizona and any other border state will be able to make their own decisions on immigration matters, in short, it would stop be a federal power”, he clarified.

What would happen to the migrants expelled by Texas?

According to Marcelo Ebrard, Texas could make the decision to send migrants to Mexican territory, although Mexico has the right to oppose: “Mexico can and must say I do not admit any return under this law.”

The former chancellor even added that Mexican authorities should reject it because of the impact on fellow citizens and also because it is a violation of Mexico’s sovereignty. “For what reason? Because they intend to return people to Mexico without any type of agreement and Mexico will never be able to admit that,” he said.

We would enter, he stressed, into something unprecedented, “we are going to have a serious problem at the border in which Mexico will say I do not admit them, the US federal government will surely have to intervene and I imagine that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a route because legally we can do some important things.”

Finally, the Morenista pointed out that the United States has more than 11 million migrants workingwho have no rights, cannot go on strike and have no social benefits.