Midler, Kimmel, Cusack “The stupid, traitorous criminal”: Celebrities react to historic Trump verdict

After a jury found Donald Trump guilty on 34 counts, several celebrities commented on the verdict. Trump is not exactly popular in Hollywood – which is reflected in the reactions.

The jury's verdict was a shock for Donald Trump, and his opponents celebrated the guilty verdict. The former president is not particularly popular in Hollywood either. This was also reflected in the reactions of some stars from the film and music industry. Actress Bette Midler wrote in capital letters on X, formerly Twitter: “GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!!!!” Before that, she shared a quote from her Hollywood colleague Robert DeNiro, who once said that Donald Trump does not belong in New York and that New Yorkers have only tolerated him for a long time.

Donald Trump: Celebrities react to guilty verdict

Musical legend Barbra Streisand also commented on the former president's guilty verdict on X. “Convicted criminal Donald Trump blames the judge, the jury and New York for finding him guilty on 34 counts. He will never take responsibility for his crimes. Americans must not allow this criminal anywhere near the White House again,” wrote Streisand.

“Some semblance of accountability is gratifying,” wrote actress Mandy Moore in her Instagram story. Jimmy Kimmel posted a photo of basketball star Shaquille O'Neal wearing the number 34 (the number of guilty verdicts) and simply wrote: “34!” Actress Kathy Griffin, meanwhile, thanked Stormy Daniels for testifying in the trial and said she was crying “tears of joy.”

Hollywood star John Cusack also did not hold back with his opinion. “The stupid, traitorous criminal is now a convicted criminal – 34 times. What will the judge do with Trump's contempt now?” Cusack wrote.

Trump is the first former US president in history to be convicted of a crime. In a brief statement outside the courtroom, he called the verdict “a disgrace.”

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