Miami is left without its best option to celebrate titles

He Heat succumbed and also the best option that Miami has every year to celebrate sports titles. Those led by Erik Spoltra could not beat the giants Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs, losing the series 4-1.

The South Florida team didn't have it easy, but it wasn't impossible either. Year after year, they are Miami's best sports bet and in 2023 they had already left Boston out. But this year they had significant losses for the postseason, the main one being Jimmy Butler.

“First of all, we're not going to attribute this to the fact that we've had some injuries. Let's not take anything away from Boston,” Spoelstra said after the elimination. “They've been the best team in basketball all season. They played very good basketball; “They probably had something that motivated them even more against us, but they played at a high level.”

Now with the Heat out for the title, which has been elusive since the 2012-13 season, with two losses in the NBA finals, the responsibility of making Miami celebrate this year falls on Inter Miami. Well, the Marlins' terrible start to the season (8 wins and 24 losses in their first 32 games) means that they depend on a miracle to bring sporting joy to the city of the sun.

Inter, which has Leo Messi in its squad and Luis Suárez since this year, is first in the Eastern Conference of Major League Soccer. The rosanegros have not yet been able to win this competition, although last year they were crowned in the Leagues Cup.

So after the failure of the Heat, the disappointment of the Dolphins and the disastrous season that the Marlins are in, Messi and Inter have the great mission – with the good rhythm they are showing – of making Miami celebrate that sporting title that It has been so difficult for their most traditional teams.

Year in which Miami teams won their last title

Dolphins (NFL): 1973

Marlins (MLB) 2003

Heat (NBA): 2013

Panthers (NHL): never

Inter (MLS): never