Mexico promises ‘tough hand’ against money laundering and terrorist financing

Mexico pledged to toughen sanctions to combat money laundering and to collaborate with the government of USA in the prevention of this crime, as well as the financing of terrorism, he stated Gabriel Yorio.

The Undersecretary of the Treasury highlighted that these international collaboration commitments, which reflect Mexico’s determination to ensure a safe and transparent financial environment, were made before the delegation of the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States, headed by Jeff Wrase.

He explained that during the meeting the importance of current bilateral cooperation in promoting solid standards of transparency and regulatory compliance was also discussed.

The undersecretary and members of the US delegation agreed on the need to work together to strengthen financial regulations and ensure that both nations comply with the highest international standards, said the Ministry of Finance.

“Collaboration in these areas is fundamental for the stability and security of the global financial system,” the agency emphasized.

The U.S. delegation’s visit underscores Mexico’s continued efforts to promote safe and transparent financial practices, and reflects both countries’ shared commitment to promoting the economic stability and financial integrity of North America.

Yorio highlighted the strength of Mexico’s economic fundamentals, emphasizing the stability of the country’s debt level.

He noted that Mexico has maintained a prudent fiscal policy and responsible management of its public finances, which has ensured economic sustainability and the confidence of international investors.

Furthermore, he highlighted the strengthening the Mexican financial system and its overcapitalization, elements that have contributed to the solidity and resilience of the banking sector in the face of external shocks.

In the field of anti-money laundering policies and the fight against illicit financing, the undersecretary presented Mexico’s efforts and progress in these crucial areas for the integrity of the financial system.