Mexico in intensive care after losing to Panama

MIAMI.- Federarles de Chiriquí (Panama) set up an ambush in the ninth inning against right-hander Jake Sánchez and came back to beat the Naranjeros de Hermosillo (Mexico) 4-3 on the third day of the Miami 2024 Caribbean Series.

After a problem with Luis Márquez, who was ready to pitch the ninth inning, the Mexican manager had to call Sánchez for an emergency.

“I’m waiting to see what the rule is. It was activated on the roster, but it was not on the courtesy card that is given to the other team,” argued strategist Juan Castro. “It doesn’t seem to me that they haven’t let Luis be used when he’s on the roster.”

Panama, which had only given two hits in the entire match, reached its first batter when he was hit so that then the Miami Marlins big leaguer, Christian Bethancourt, hit a tubey.

With one out on the board, Panama scored and then a Bethancourt scored the tying one. Once again, SantoS’ bat appeared at the right time and hit a two-two hit to drive in the victory.

“I was a little nervous but trusting myself,” Santos said. “I looked for a pitch to do some damage. The count was in my favor and the hit came out.”

Panama achieved its second victory in the series, on Friday it defeated the Curacao delegation.