Mexico: alleged kidnapper of 8-year-old girl lynched

MEXICO.- The murder of an eight-year-old girl unleashed anger in the city of Taxco, southern Mexicowhose residents lynched the alleged perpetrator, in a case that aggravates the security crisis in that tourist town devastated by organized crime.

The lynching occurred on Thursday after dozens of residents blocked one of the main avenues of the city, about 170 km from Mexico City, hours after the minor's body was found on a road.

In a statement, the Prosecutor's Office of the state of Guerrero, to which Taxco belongs, reported on Thursday that it is investigating the murder of the girl as “feminicide” and “the qualified homicide” of the lynched woman.

My solidarity is with the family (of the minor), the future is not understood without justice,” wrote the governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado, this Friday.

After the blockade, the locals moved to a house where the woman was along with two men, demanding that the police arrest her.

A security camera video had previously circulated on the networks of the moment in which the woman and a man allegedly put a black bag in the trunk of a car, where the dead minor would be.

In the absence of an arrest warrant, the residents took the woman and two more men, one of whom would be in the images.

The three were beaten with kicks and sticks. The two men are in hospitals in Taxco, known for its colonial buildings and the sale of silver jewelry.

The police did not prevent the lynching because the angry mob had doused them with gasoline.

The girl disappeared on Wednesday and her mother received anonymous calls asking for money to free her, a relative told local media.

In Mexico, numerous lynchings of alleged criminals by citizens occur every year. Security experts link this phenomenon with the perception of impunity.

The violence linked to organized crime registered in Taxco led the United States embassy in January to order its workers not to visit that city.

In addition to Taxco, other municipalities in Guerrero suffer acts of violence.

On March 14, two senior security officials in Guerrero resigned, and the state prosecutor was removed from her position, due to the crisis generated by the murder of a student at the hands of police.