Mets release Puerto Rican pitcher after throwing his glove into the stands

NEW YORK.- The New York Mets Jorge López will be discharged in the Big leagues after the Puerto Rican reliever threw his cap to the ground and his glove into the stands, while leaving Wednesday's game, from which he was ejected at Citi Field.

The Venezuelan manager of the Mets, Carlos Mendoza, considered the tantrum “unacceptable” and said it would be resolved internally. López did not appear sorry for the tantrum.

“I don't regret it,” he said. “That's how I am”.

López allowed a two-run homer to Shohei Ohtani near the end of New York's 10-3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Moments later, the right-hander was ejected for yelling at third base umpire Ramón de Jesús due to a change of call over whether Freddie Freeman had crossed the plate with his bat.

López pointed towards De Jesús and yelled something at him. He then dropped the ball and walked away from the mound.

He slammed his cap into the dirt, right in front of the Mets dugout, and threw his glove to the second row of the stands, where it was caught by a fan.

The Mets then began the process of releasing Lopez. They have seven days to release him or send him to the minors if no other club claims him.

More chaos for the Mets:

The scene was the latest chapter in what has been another forgettable tournament in Queens so far. Club owner Steve Cohen hired Mendoza as manager for 2024 with the intention of reversing the course the organization took last year, when they failed miserably in their attempt to reach the playoffs, despite the large investment of money. that Cohen himself performed on the team.

However, the results have not been with the Mets on this occasion either and they entered this Thursday's matchday with a balance of 22-33.