Melinda French Gates supports Biden – Trump receives million dollar donation from entrepreneur

US philanthropist Melinda French Gates is supporting incumbent Joe Biden in the upcoming US presidential election. “I have never supported a presidential candidate. But this year’s election has such a big impact on women and families that I cannot remain silent this time,” the ex-wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote on Thursday on the online service X. The contrast between Biden and his Republican rival Donald Trump “could not be greater,” she added. “I will vote for President Biden.”

At the end of May, French Gates announced that she would donate one billion dollars (933 million euros) to support women in the USA. At the beginning of June, she resigned as co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. However, according to her, Bill Gates provided his ex-wife with 12.5 billion dollars (around 11.6 billion euros) to continue her work to support women and families.

Through her organization Pivotal, French Gates supports, among others, the Center for Reproductive Rights, which advocates for access to contraception but also for the right to abortion.

Abortion rights will be one of the central issues in the election campaign. President Biden’s Democrats hope to capitalize on the dissatisfaction of many people with the Republicans’ restrictions on abortion rights at the ballot box.

Biden can also count on the support of former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg in the election campaign. He donated $19 million to Biden’s election campaign, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Trump, meanwhile, received support from investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The twins said they each had one million dollars available for the right-wing populist’s election campaign. According to a report in the New York Times on Thursday, businessman Timothy Mellon donated 50 million dollars to a support organization close to Trump.