Melania Trump That’s why she was missing from the Trump Christmas photo

The Trumps released a family photo for Christmas. However, Melania is missing. That could be the reason.

Like many families, the Trumps posed for a photo with the entire family in front of a festively decorated Christmas tree over the holidays. Former US President Donald Trump (77) can be seen in the snapshot from the magnificent Mar-a-Lago estate surrounded by his children, several daughters and sons-in-law and grandchildren. Kimberly Guilfoyle (54), the partner of Donald Trump Jr. (45), shared the picture in her Instagram story. What is noticeable is that his wife Melania (53) cannot be seen in the photo. Didn’t the former first lady spend Christmas with her family in Florida?

That’s why Melania was missing

Trump’s campaign team immediately clarified that the 53-year-old was missing because of “a family matter.” According to media reports, Melania spent the holidays in the hospital – at the side of her mother Amalija Knavs (78), who is apparently ill and is being treated there. Melania’s father Viktor (79) celebrated with the Trumps in Florida – he can be seen on the far left in the family photo.

Will she appear more often again for Trump’s 2024 election campaign?

Melania Trump had largely withdrawn from the public since the end of her husband Donald Trump’s presidency in January 2021 and his legal difficulties. Public appearances, such as at the funeral of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter (1927-2023) or a recent appearance at the National Archives in Washington, DC, are a rarity.

According to sources close to her, Melania Trump is intent on keeping a low profile and living “her own life.” The 53-year-old has not yet appeared at the 2024 election campaign or at her husband’s court appearances. “Melania publicly supports her husband, but prefers to live a life with 100 percent privacy and no press,” People quoted Insider as saying.

Trump’s campaign team asserts that Melania Trump will appear in public more often in the 2024 election year. “High-profile, diplomatic appearances” are coming up, the “New York Post” quotes Insider as saying.

The native Slovenian has been married to Donald Trump since 2005. The two share 17-year-old son Barron. She was the First Lady of the United States from January 2017 to January 2021. Her husband is aiming to return to the White House and wants to run for president again in 2024.