Melania Trump: She was conspicuous by her absence at the TV debate

Donald alone in the studio: During the TV debate with Joe Biden, former First Lady Melania Trump was conspicuous by her absence. Not for the first time.

The first TV debate between challenger Donald Trump (78) and incumbent Joe Biden (81) before the US presidential election is dominating the headlines in the United States. One question arose: Where was Melania Trump (54)? The wife of the former and perhaps new President Trump was conspicuous by her absence during the debate in Atlanta. Instead, Jill Biden (73) appeared at her husband’s side ahead of the broadcast. After the end of the TV duel, the First Lady even joined her husband at the podium. Donald Trump left the studio alone.

By not appearing, Melania Trump broke a long tradition, as several American media pointed out. It has actually been customary for decades for partners and family members to accompany the presidential candidates to the TV debates, which are extremely important in the USA. This is intended to demonstrate unity to the public.

Not the only campaign event that Melania Trump stayed away from

The TV debate was not the first important event for her husband that Melania Trump skipped. She was neither at the start of his election campaign nor at the celebration after Donald Trump’s triumph on Super Tuesday in the primary campaign.

When Melania Trump was asked about her conspicuous absence a few months ago, she simply said “stay tuned”. But not much has happened since then. She also stayed away from the trial for paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels (45). Donald Trump is said to have cheated on Melania shortly after her wedding to Daniels, which he denies.

In recent months, the couple has only appeared in public at a few fundraising events and at the high school graduation celebration of their son Barron (18) in May.

In the event of a second term for Donald Trump, rumors have it that his wife has no great desire to move back into the White House in Washington DC. These rumors also do not necessarily demonstrate a great deal of unity within the Trump household.