Melania Trump Rare appearance by the former first lady

Melania Trump attended a naturalization ceremony on Friday. Her rare appearance raises questions…

Melania Trump (53) made a rare public appearance on Friday. The former first lady was a guest at a naturalization ceremony for new U.S. citizens at the National Archives in Washington, DC.

According to a press release, 25 people from 25 nations were sworn in as new U.S. citizens to mark the annual Bill of Rights Day on December 15th. Accordingly, Trump, who was born in Slovenia in 1970 and was naturalized in the USA in 2006, gave a speech at the event.

Melania Trump’s appearance raises questions

Trump’s appearance at the National Archives is noteworthy for several reasons. On the one hand, public appearances by the 53-year-old have been a rarity since the end of her husband Donald Trump’s (77) presidency in January 2021. She last appeared at the funeral of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter (1927-2023) on November 29th.

The appearance at the National Archives is also surprising, as it was precisely this agency that asked the US Department of Justice to examine Donald Trump’s handling of the White House documents after the end of his presidency. This led to several indictments against the ex-president.

The US daily “Politico” also criticizes the fact that it is unusual for a government agency to appoint the wife of a candidate for the US presidency (Trump wants to run for the Republicans again in 2024) around a month before the “Iowa Caucus” – an important date in the US primaries – invites you to a photo opportunity. A spokesman for the National Archives told Politico that Trump was not invited in a political capacity, but rather as the country’s only naturalized first lady.

According to sources close to her, Melania Trump is intent on keeping a low profile and living “her own life.” The 53-year-old has not yet appeared at the 2024 election campaign or at her husband’s court appearances. “Melania publicly supports her husband, but prefers to live a life with 100 percent privacy and no press,” People quoted Insider as saying.