Melania Trump announces that her son will not be a delegate at the Republican convention

PALM BEACH – Barron, the son of former President Donald trump and his wife, Melania, will not be part of the delegates who in July will officially designate his father as a candidate for the November presidential elections, his mother's office announced this Friday.

“Although Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate for the Republican Party of Florida, he regrets not being able to attend due to prior commitments,” the former US first lady's office said in a statement.

Until now, Donald Trump's youngest son, who has turned 18, has escaped the spotlight.

His other sons, Eric and Don Jr, and daughter Tiffany will attend the convention. On the contrary, Ivanka Trump, an advisor to her father when he was in the White House but retired from politics, is not on the list.

His daughter-in-law Lara has recently been named co-chair of the national Republican Party.

The party convention will be held in Milwaukee, in the north of the country, from July 15 to 18.

As in 2020, Donald Trump will face Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential elections on November 5.

In the United States, citizens do not directly elect the president but rather appoint large electors from each state, who will be the ones to vote for one candidate or another.

To win, Joe Biden and Donald Trump do not need to obtain the majority of votes in the entire country, but they do need to obtain a majority of votes in a series of undecided states, even if it is by a very narrow margin.