Media Merz expects merciless US election campaign with Trump as winner

In the talk show “3nach9”, CDU leader Merz expressed concern about the presidential election in the USA. Incumbent Biden did not make a good impression in the television debate.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz expects a bitter US election campaign with Donald Trump as the winner. “It will be merciless,” he said on the Radio Bremen talk show “3nach9,” which was broadcast on Friday evening. He did not watch the TV duel between incumbent Joe Biden and Trump live. “I was a little afraid that it would go like this,” he said. The 81-year-old US president stumbled several times in the TV debate, seemed unconfident and is considered the clear loser.

Merz said he found it bizarre that these two presidential candidates were left in this country with so much talent. “Biden is an old man, and the question is: is he still up to the job?” Merz assumes that Trump, a Republican who is also 78 years old, will win the election in November. And he will be well prepared for a second term: “We will face a whole series of major challenges.”

The talk show was recorded and not edited afterwards.