María Corina Machado urges the democratic world to demand that Corina Yoris can be a candidate

CARACAS.-While political differences are heating up, the candidate opposition presidential candidate elected in primaries, María Corina Machado, reiterated his call for democratic leaders of the world to join presidents and governments and demand that the Venezuelan regime allow the registration of Corina Yoris as a candidate for the presidential elections next July.

“It has become clear that there are no political or legal reasons that prevent Corina Yoris from being a candidate and that her exclusion, like mine, denies the possibility of free and fair elections,” said Machado in his X account, in reference to the decision of CNE.

He also asked “all democratic leaders in the world” for their support so that the Barbados Agreement, signed five months ago, is fulfilled and fully implemented “to achieve free and fair elections in Venezuela.”

Machado's new call appears after the presidents of France, Brazil and Colombia, Emmanuel Macron, Inazio Lula and Gustavo Petro, respectively, agreed to question the Nicolás Maduro regime for vetoing the registration of Yoris, chosen by Machado to replace her in the process due to her irregular disqualification.

The first two, despite their different political approaches, considered the fact “serious and unexplained” and established a position on the need to register all candidates, without exclusions, alluding to the case of Corina Yoris.

Concern for Corina Yoris and the CNE

After thanking the presidents for their gesture, for their positions that reaffirm a “fair and democratic” struggle, Machado highlighted that it is evident that international concern is increasing due to the arbitrary decision of the National Electoral Council, CNE, controlled by the Chavismo and the climate of political uncertainty that it generates in the face of the elections scheduled in just four months.

On March 25, the CNE did not accept the registration of Corina Yoris, an 80-year-old academic, who was chosen in consensus with the Unitary Platform to replace Machado who has represented a threat to Maduro's re-election. due to the very high acceptance reflected in the surveys.

Given the alleged technical problem of the CNE system, Yoris assured that his political rights were being violated by not allowing him to register as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic.

Added to the concern raised internationally by this fact is the failure of the Maduro regime to comply with the Barbados Agreement, which establishes the commitment to free elections in Venezuela, in exchange for the temporary suspension of sanctions by the US. .

Next April 14 is the deadline to decide whether to reverse the suspension of sanctions on PDVSA.