María Celeste Arrarás mourns the sudden death of her partner

MIAMI.- María Celeste Arrarás is in mourning after the sudden death of his coupleRaúl Quintana, who died in Miami as a result of a heart attack fulminant. The journalist announced the unfortunate news on social networks.

“It is with deep sadness that I share the sudden death of my partner, Raúl, who died of a massive heart attack while exercising,” the Puerto Rican wrote on Instagram, showing several photographs with her boyfriend.

“It is incredible how a person so positive and full of life, a person who gave us so much, has gone from one moment to the next. It is difficult to assimilate. This is, without a doubt, my post more painful. “We already miss him!” Arrarás concluded.

After announcing the death, media personalities sent their messages of condolences.

“I'm very sorry, María Celeste. I know what it is and it's terrible. I send you a big hug and if I can help with anything, I'm here,” wrote journalist María Alejandra Requena.

“My friend, I am very sorry. I am with you at this moment. I will be praying a lot for you and your family,” said presenter Rashel Díaz.

“OMG, Mari, I'm so sorry. There are no words, but you know that you have many people who love you and we are here for you,” shared journalist María Elena Salinas.

“My Mari, I hug you from a distance,” said actress Aylin Mujica.

In accordance with People in Spanish, The 63-year-old Puerto Rican presenter had just landed in Madrid when she received the devastating news of the death in Miami, where they lived together.

This event occurs when the journalist, host and writer confirmed a few months ago her relationship with Raúl, with whom she showed two days ago her participation in her children's university graduation.

Who was María Celeste Arrarás' boyfriend

“The journalist and the Venezuelan businessman had known each other for many years, although their relationship did not start off on the right foot. In 2010, Arrarrás made a call to 911 after an argument between the two. Although the communicator denounced him for domestic violence, Quintana pleaded not guilty to the charges, which ended up being dismissed,” he said. People in Spanish.

“This is a private matter,” the businessman told Red Hot, the program that she then presented on Telemundo. “She doesn't have a mark on her body,” she added. Arrarás, who later clarified what happened, stressed: “It is an isolated incident and should remain in the past,” the magazine added.

Faced with this mishap, Raúl asked María for forgiveness and promised to go to therapy to manage his emotions. After that, the courtship was shown discreetly.

“It was said in the media that Quintana was a millionaire, fond of aviation and nautical, in addition to being a loving father,” he said. People in Spanish.