Manchester City opens legal battle against the Premier League over financial regulations

MANCHESTER.- He Manchester City is dedicated to opening a legal battle against the Premier League English.

According to the British press, the parties in conflict will attend an arbitration hearing on the legality of the tournament's regulations on commercial income. This is a regulation that was developed in order to ensure that trade agreements are fair.

City is owned by the royal family of Abu Dhabi and its sponsors include Etihad Airways, the national airline.

The Times reported this week that it had access to a 165-page document in which City alleges it is the victim of “discrimination” by the regulations.

The regulations on “Transactions with Associated Parties†came into effect in December 2021, with amendments that were approved last February.

This is a regulation that seeks to prevent artificially inflating trade agreements to gain “an abusive advantage over domestic rivals.”

The Premier noted in February that the amendments sought to “strengthen the efficiency and precision of the system.” But the changes were not approved unanimously.

The arbitration hearing could last about two weeks starting Monday, according to press reports.

The Associated Press sought to obtain statements on the matter from the Premier League and City.

More of the conflict between side and side:

Furthermore, the Premier has accused City of more than 100 breaches of its rules, including financial irregularities, something the club has denied.

In an interview reported by the City media, the club's president, Khaldoon Al Mubarak, responded to these accusations.

“Of course it is frustrating. That it always has to be referred to is frustrating, the way it's talked about,†she said. “It hurts me for our fans, for everyone linked to the club, that these accusations always have to be referred to.”

“We, as a club, have to respect that there is a process we have to go through and we are going through it. It's taking longer than anyone expected, but it is what it is,” he added.

Khaldoon emphasized that City want to be “judged by the facts and not by accusations and counter-allegations.”

Premier clubs are scheduled to hold a general meeting on Thursday to debate ending VAR and imposing a spending cap.