Luis Arráez gets the rhythm, but the Marlins don't

The Venezuelan infielder Luis Arraez He has rediscovered the hit and has avoided the strikeout. Something that is normal for last season's batting champion, although he had an unusual start.

However, although Arráez has begun to release hits, the Miami Marlins They still can't go on a winning streak.

The South Florida team needs power and RBIs to make up for this pathetic start (4-15 in their first 19 games).

“I just try to bring as much energy as possible to the club,” Arráez said, after giving up 10 hits in his last six games. “We've been through a really tough time, but like I tell the guys, keep playing hard.”

And although Arráez has been in circulation, the Marlins are not able to drive the necessary runs to create victories. After 19 games, the Miami team was second to last in the National League with 70 scored, the same as the St. Louis Cardinals, only behind were the Washington Nationals with 66.

Faced with this situation, the leadoff hitter of the South Florida team does not worry, because he knows that he is doing the job even if his teammates cannot carry him.

“I feel good. Baseball is hard, man. Hitting the ball is difficult. So I just need to think that I can do it again,” said the Venezuelan, American batting champion in 2022 and reigned in the average department in the National League in 2023.

The good moment with the wood leads him to approach the .300 average, numbers to which Luis Arráez is accustomed. The club trusts him, and the player trusts him in his bat.

“It doesn't matter what kind of pitch the pitcher throws, he's going to put the cannon on the ball. It doesn't matter what guy is on the mound,” Miami manager Skip Schumaker said.

If Luis Arráez in the coming weeks returns to being that unstoppable hitter and the Marlins do not right themselves, he could leave the club before the trade deadline scheduled this year for Tuesday, July 30.