‘Launched like a rocket’: Donald Trump closes in on the Republican nomination

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump assured that he is “launched like a rocket” towards the party’s nomination after winning the elections in recent days. primaries of Michigan, Missouri or Idaho.

“We are launched like a rocket towards the Republican nomination,” Trump said during an event in Richmond, Virginia, on the night of Saturday, March 2, according to US media.

These latest victories are added to the initial ones of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Virgin Islands or South Carolina. “In Iowa we won by record, in New Hampshire we won by record, in Iowa we got double the highest historical number of votes,” he highlighted.

In South Carolina he managed to defeat the state’s former governor, Nikki Haley, “by an unprecedented number.” “We are full. It’s a great honor!”.

These victories are important because “so they know that we are going for” the White House in 2024. “We want to give a huge message. “We want you to go out and vote by a huge margin!”

The former president is getting closer and closer to the Republican nomination, although it will be key on Super Tuesday next March 5, when 800 delegates in 16 states are decided. The goal is to reach 1,215 delegates to mathematically secure the nomination. At the moment Trump has more than a hundred.

Sheinbaum asks Biden and Trump not to use Mexico in their presidential campaigns

The official candidate for the Presidency of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum, has asked for the two most likely candidates for the United States elections, Joe Biden and Donald Trumpthat they do not use Mexico or the immigration issue as part of their campaign or in the debates they will have before the votes in November.

“Tell whoever the people of the United States elect, be it President Trump or President Biden, that we will always be defending our country, sovereignty, that do not use Mexico as part of the elections”Sheinbaum said in his first presidential campaign conference.

He added that “they have enough problems in the United States, that they resolve or try to mention the response to the 100,000 young people who die every year from fentanyl consumption and that they rather seek a relationship of coordination, cooperation with the people of Mexico, with their Government.” .

Sheinbaum recalled that Mexico is the main trading partner of the United States and that it is “fundamental” to maintain the Free Trade Agreement between them and Canada and added that coordination, cooperation and the relationship of “friendship” will continue under the principles of “not subordination, but a relationship between equals”, the self-determination of the peoples and a relationship of peace with all the peoples of the world.

About attention to migrationmentioned that, regardless of who wins the Presidency, he will continue with the insistence of “cooperation for development”, which consists of investing in the countries of Central America so that their inhabitants do not migrate out of necessity and has offered to support humanitarian treatment to the migrants who pass through Mexican territory to reach the northern neighbor.

“We will always insist on an equal relationship with the United States and that the issue of migration not be used as the central issue of the elections in the United States and particularly against Mexican men and women.”