King Felipe VI reiterates Spain’s commitment to international peace and security

MADRID.-He King Philip VI reaffirmed the commitment of Spain with the peace and international security, after highlighting the strategic participation of the Spanish missions abroad, and considering 2023 as “very demanding”, within the framework of the instability generated by the conflicts of Ukraine and Israel and Hamas.

The Spanish monarch gave his message during the Military Easter events, the tenth he has presided over since he acceded to the throne, in June 2014, along with Queen Leticia, and both expressed pleasure at the presence of Princess Leonor, who attended the act for the first time as heir and Lady Cadet of the General Military Academy of Zaragoza.

Felipe VI, during his speech, also praised the role of the military in defending “the framework of coexistence democratically chosen by the Spanish,” Europa Press reported.

King and commitment to peace abroad

“2023 has been very demanding” and has required the completion of “a long list of tasks” within the strategic objectives established in the international missions, said the King. “Missions that represent a significant effort for our Armed Forces and Civil Guard “.

He made special mention of the 3,000 men and women deployed in the 17 operations abroad in which Spain participates, although he did not specify locations nor did he mention Ukraine, Israel or Palestine, according to the agency. He addressed words of recognition to the military

“The participation of the Spanish military in the reinforcement of NATO’s deterrence and defense actions, with which they contribute to the security and protection of our allies on the European eastern flank, and the missions of the EU and the UN, with “Those that project stability in different geographical areas are the best example of Spain’s commitment to international peace and security.”

Felipe VI highlights democratic coexistence in Spain

Also, the King of Spain praised the role of the Armed Forces in defending “the framework of coexistence democratically chosen by the Spanish.” And he said it in reference to the Constitution that has been “guiding the path freely and democratically undertaken” by Spanish citizens for 45 years, as he expressed it.

After pointing out that for almost half a century, the Armed Forces have fulfilled “with selflessness” their mission of guaranteeing security in Spain, he indicated that “your dedication is, therefore, exemplary and deserves all the respect and the highest recognition.”

He highlighted that the defense of democratically chosen coexistence by the Spanish people “is a living testimony” of their commitment “to society and also of loyalty to allies in the search for a safer and more just world.”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, ministers and military leaders participated in the event.

FOUNTAIN: With information from EuropaPress