Kansas City Chiefs player surrenders to police

GLENN HEIGHTS, Texas (AP) — Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice turned himself in to police Thursday to face charges including aggravated assault, after the athlete and another driver caused their sports cars to crash into a collision that ended up involving half a dozen vehicles on a Dallas freeway last month.

A spokeswoman for Rice's attorney confirmed to The Associated Press that Rice turned himself in at the Glenn Heights Police Department. Rice is represented by attorney Royce West, who is also a state senator in Texas.

Rice was booked into the DeSoto Regional Jail. West said he was released on bond Thursday.

In an email statement, West emphasized that Rice has shown “sustained cooperation with authorities.”

“Mr. Rice acknowledges his actions and is deeply sorry that there were these injuries as a result of this accident,” the attorney said.

Rice said last week on Instagram that he took “full responsibility” for his role in the accident.

On Wednesday, Dallas police said arrest warrants had been issued for Rice, 23, on one count of aggravated assault, one count of collision involving serious bodily injury and six counts of a crash involving injury.