Justice: Trump has to "New York Times" Reimburse legal fees

Journalists from the New York Times received the Pulitzer Prize for a series about former US President Donald Trump. Trump sued her – unsuccessfully. Now he has to reimburse the newspaper for its legal fees.

Former US President Donald Trump has to reimburse the newspaper around 400,000 US dollars (around 365,000 euros) in legal fees because of a failed lawsuit against the “New York Times”. According to media reports, this was decided by a judge of the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

Trump, who would like to become US President again in the November election, must pay legal fees, court costs and expenses totaling almost $393,000. The newspaper reported on Trump’s secret finances in 2018. Trump later lost a lawsuit against it.

The newspaper reported in 2018 that Trump had not, as he portrayed, made a large fortune on his own, but had received hundreds of millions of US dollars from his father’s company over the years with the help of dubious methods and tax evasion. The newspaper received the Pulitzer Prize for this reporting. Trump later sued her for $100 million. However, Judge Robert Reed dismissed Trump’s lawsuit against the New York Times and three of its journalists last year.

Trump maintains lawsuit against niece

The Republican’s lawyers called the amount requested to reimburse legal fees “exorbitant, excessive and unreasonable.” Trump had sued the newspaper, his niece Mary Trump and others. He claimed that his niece and the New York Times journalists were “involved in an insidious plot” to obtain confidential and highly sensitive documents. They exploited this for their own advantage.

Reed rejected that claim in his ruling in May. He declared that Trump’s accusations against the New York Times were “constitutionally untenable.” Trump is maintaining the lawsuit against his niece. His lawyer said Friday that the former president would pursue claims against Mary Trump. Trump’s niece Mary, who has long publicly criticized her uncle, revealed in a 2020 tell-all book that she had leaked tax documents to the newspaper.

Since the end of his presidency, Trump has struggled on several fronts with legal problems or investigations that could have legal consequences for the 77-year-old.