Justice: Sex party dossier: Donald Trump fails with lawsuit

Donald Trump wanted to refute claims that he attended sex parties in Russia. The ex-US President is initially unsuccessful in court.

Former US President Donald Trump has failed in a civil lawsuit at London’s High Court over a dossier about his alleged participation in sex parties. The lawsuit was dismissed before the main proceedings began. The judge justified the decision by saying she had no chance of success, as the British news agency PA reported.

The lawsuit concerned a dossier by British ex-secret service agent Christopher Steele that was made public in 2017. Among other things, it cites reports that the Russian secret service has footage of Trump’s alleged participation in orgies in Russia and is keeping it in reserve as a means of pressure. Among other things, it concerns an alleged incident in a hotel in Moscow in 2013, in which prostitutes are said to have urinated on a bed in Trump’s presence.

Trump complains about loss of reputation

Trump has always denied taking part in sex parties in Russia and sued Orbis Business Intelligence, a consulting firm founded by Steele, in London.

The 77-year-old former president and promising candidate for the US Republican candidacy in this year’s presidential election accused the company of unlawfully using private data and demanded compensation for the loss of reputation suffered. Trump wants to restore his reputation, his lawyer said, according to the British news agency PA.

The opposing team’s lawyers, however, argued that the dossier was never intended for the public. Trump’s lawsuit must therefore be directed against the website BuzzFeed, which first published the document.

The judge accused Trump of having “let many years pass” without legally defending himself against the allegations.