Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump: “I hope Biden flips so Kamala Harris takes over!”

In New York, people met for a “Debate Watch Party,” a political public viewing, to watch the TV debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. There was debate. And later, above all, suffering. star was there in Manhattan.

At some point in the middle of the TV debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Lex, a 66-year-old woman from Manhattan with her dog on her lap, will say: “I hope Biden passes out so Kamala Harris can take over.”

She sets the tone for the evening at the bar 230 5th Avenue in Manhattan, known for its large roof terrace with a view of the Empire State Building, but no one has an eye for beautiful views that evening. Rather, they have a gloomy outlook, political one. And that is what you get on the dozens of TV screens, from CNN.