Joe Biden versus Donald Trump: Press tears US presidents apart

Incumbent US President Joe Biden and former President Trump confront each other in the first TV debate of the election campaign. The appearance of the old men causes international concern.

US President Joe Biden made a shaky appearance in the first TV debate against his challenger Donald Trump and raised doubts about his suitability for the office. The TV debate on Thursday evening was seen as a real test for the 81-year-old Democrat. During the roughly 90-minute-long exchange, Biden stumbled over his words regularly, speaking unclearly, quietly and with a hoarse voice. At times it was difficult to follow the most powerful man in the world. The day after, the White House is looking at a media shambles. The media response.

“Concerns about Joe Biden’s age”

“Washington Post”USA: “The presidential debate began without a handshake on Thursday, and it got worse from there. This debate may not be remembered for what was said, but rather for how it was said. Biden tried to interrupt Trump’s parade of fantasies, but his delivery was weak. He stumbled over his own words and seemed to get lost in his sentences. Biden’s job Thursday was to allay worries that he has lost too much momentum to lead the country for another term. In the end, he stoked more concerns than he allayed. The question is whether Americans will look past style and value substance. Biden didn’t make it any easier for them Thursday night.”

“Wall Street Journal”USA: “Well, that was painful – for the United States. President Biden’s halting, stuttering performance in Thursday night’s debate made it all too clear that he is not fit to remain in office for four more years. For the good of the country, even more than for the good of their party, Democrats must think carefully about whether they need to replace him at the top of their party. This is not a partisan thought, but a patriotic one. Biden came across as a weak man whom no American would want to see in a direct duel with Putin or China’s Xi Jinping.”

“BBC”United Kingdom: “Before Thursday night, many Americans had expressed concerns about Joe Biden’s age and fitness for office. To say that this debate did not exactly silence those concerns would be one of the biggest understatements of the year.”

“Guardian”, Great Britain: “Joe Biden, clearly suffering from a cold, mumbled his way through the debate, unable to deliver his otherwise elegantly worded sentences accurately. Donald Trump, a prolific spreader of untruths, repeatedly told lies and avoided answering difficult questions.”

“El Pais”, Spain: “Biden fails in his attempt to allay concerns about his age in the debate with Trump. The ex-president bombards the president with misinformation and lies, who in turn, with his hesitation, hoarseness and slip-ups, is unable to cope in a duel full of personal attacks.”

“The World”, France: “With a hoarse voice, stuttering and unable to finish his sentences, Joe Biden failed to allay concerns about his age (81). Donald Trump, 78, seemed more combative. Never before have Americans had to choose between candidates who were both so old.”

“CBC News”, Canada: “Joe Biden sounded hoarse, his energy level seemed low, and at several points in the debate he lost his train of thought. (…) And Donald Trump does what Donald Trump often does: He speaks with confidence, he has energy, but so much of what he said tonight is absolutely not factually correct.”

“The Universal”, Mexico: “Biden stumbles while Trump lies and refuses to respect the election results.”