Joe Biden proposes two TV duels: Donald Trump accepts challenge

US President Joe Biden has challenged Donald Trump to two TV debates before the US election. Trump immediately agreed to do so.

The incumbent US President Joe Biden (81) challenged his rival Donald Trump (77) to two TV duels on Wednesday (15 May). On X Biden released a videoin which he challenged Trump to a verbal TV confrontation with combative words. “Make my day, buddy, I'll do it twice. So let's set the dates, Donald,” the 81-year-old says in the clip. Donald Trump, for his part, responded on his own social media network Truth Social and accepted the challenge, as NBC and others reported.

New format for TV debates for US presidency

He was “ready and willing” to debate with Biden “on the two proposed dates in June and September,” the 77-year-old wrote in response, adding: “Just tell me when, I'll be there.”

The TV debates agreed upon would represent a departure from the traditional debate format in the US presidential election campaign. So far, three TV debates have taken place in front of large audiences. Biden's presidential campaign has now proposed that the two debates be held in a TV studio. In addition, the microphone of the participant who is not currently speaking should be turned off, which should prevent disruptive heckling – a departure from the traditional debate system in the US election campaign.

The US presidential election will take place on November 5th. Before that, the Republicans will officially nominate their candidate from July 15th to 18th in Milwaukee. The Democratic nomination convention will take place from August 19th to 22nd in the US metropolis of Chicago.