Javier Milei travels to the US: This will be his work agenda in Joe Biden’s country

He elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei, He will travel this Sunday, November 26, to the United States, while his next Foreign Minister traveled to Brazil to invite President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to the inauguration on December 10.

Milei will visit New York and Washington DCaccording to a spokesperson. He will meet with officials of the Biden administration in Washington, a US official confirmed.

The president-elect suspended the trip as of Thursday, according to a spokesperson for his campaign, after stating that he was planning a “spiritual” trip to the United States before the inauguration.

This Sunday, Milei’s envoy, Diana Mondino visited Brazil to invite Lula to the inauguration in Buenos Aires, argenitna. Mondino delivered Lula’s invitation to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mauro Vieira.

“The main message is that we are brother countries and we will continue to be,” Mondino told reporters after the meeting. “We have to work hard together to make both countries grow.”

Milei is softening its aggressive rhetoric towards trading partners such as China and Brazilwhose president he called “a communist with whom he would not deal,” during an interview with BloombergNews.

After winning the elections, Milei told local television that Lula “would be welcome” to attend the inauguration. Lula has not yet decided whether he will attend.

“It is one thing to criticize the ideology and another to criticize the person. That’s totally different,” Mondino said. “We have to separate State, government and people. The partnership will continue better and as quickly as we can”.

Mondino, speaking alongside Vieira, said that trade agreements should be signed between the Mercosur bloc and the European Union “as soon as possible” and, eventually, with other countries such as Singapore.

Neither of them discussed the BRICS group, Mondino said in response to a journalist’s question, adding that he does not know What advantages the bloc could offer Argentina. “We already work with practically all the countries” of the group, said Mondino.