Is Nicolás Maduro on the brink of decline in 2024?

CARACAS.- Amid rising political tensions and a continued decline in popularity, Nicolas Maduro faces an uncertain outlook in Venezuela’s presidential elections scheduled for October 2024. Signs of his leadership’s exhaustion are intensifying, leading to speculation about the possible end of his term.

The recent survey by the public opinion company Delphos reveals that Maduro barely has support of less than 10%, reflecting a marked rejection of his regime. This low level of approval, according to a review WEEK, poses a significant challenge to the dictator, whose stay in power has been affected by a decade of economic crisis, institutional deterioration and international criticism.

In the electoral scenario, María Corina Machado emerges as the opposition figure with the greatest support, consolidating a solid 93.13 percent in the primaries last October. However, uncertainty surrounds her participation due to obstacles imposed by the Maduro regime, which seeks to invalidate her candidacy.

Experts agree that these elections could mark a turning point. Andrés Pinzón, internationalist at the Universidad del Rosario, highlights: “For a time there was fear about who would clearly represent the opposition, but Machado is going to represent another face.”

The regime’s administrative decisions to veto Machado raise concerns about the fairness of the electoral process, threatening the legitimacy of the elections. Maduro, despite promising “total guarantees for everyone,” faces skepticism due to the history of irregularities in electoral processes under his leadership.

Electoral strategy

The recent exchange of prisoners between the United States and Venezuela, which led to the release of Álex Saab, Maduro’s so-called figurehead, adds complexity to the scenario. Saab returned to Venezuela as a “hero”, providing Maduro with a valuable card in electoral strategy.

The dispute over the Essequibo region and tensions with Guyana also add to the political equation, presenting Maduro with opportunities to reinforce his position, but also triggering regional concerns expressed by leaders such as Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

As the election date approaches, Uncertainty and speculation about Maduro’s decline dominate the Venezuelan political scene. The international community is watching these events closely, aware that Venezuela’s future stability could depend on the results of the 2024 elections.

FOUNTAIN: With information from WEEK