If Joe Biden drops out of the presidential race, which candidate would be the favorite to replace him?

Joe Biden insists that only ‘the almighty lord’ could convince him to drop out of the race for the US presidencyBut if he decides to suddenly change his mind, Vice President Kamala Harris would be the best positioned figure to replace him.

This will happen because Harris would have an advantage over several of the most discussed Democratic alternatives, such as California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Plus, she has already been on a winning presidential ticket with Biden, has years of funded goodwill with the party’s key constituencies, and would likely control a massive campaign fund built up by Biden’s reelection.

President Biden easily clinched the Democratic nomination and party rules prevent him from simply transferring the delegates he accumulated during next month’s Democratic National Convention, but Several delegates have already suggested they would be loyal to Kamala Harris.

Biden Choosing Harris could limit potential chaos and avoid fights that do lasting damage whoever steps up to confront Republican Donald Trump.

“It makes more sense for Harris to carry on Biden’s legacy,” said Andrew Feldman, a Democratic strategist who works closely with several state parties, noting that the question was purely hypothetical since Biden insists he will not step down.

Feldman added that the Biden administration’s agenda “has been tremendously popular in terms of the issues they’ve championed,” because the president and Harris “have been doing it in partnership.”

Antjuan Seawright, a Democratic strategist based in South Carolina, noted that Voters four years ago put Biden78, in the Oval Office knowing that Harris was next in lineand that Biden held off primary rivals this year at age 81, with Democratic voters knowing Harris remained his second in command.

“Democrats voted for Joe Biden with Kamala Harris,” Seawright said.

Why would it be risky to challenge Harris as Biden’s alternative?

Harris is the first woman to serve as vice presidentas well as the first Black woman and person of South Asian descent. But being seen as leading the charge against someone who broke gender and racial barriers could forever brand the challenger as disloyal in future Democratic primaries.

Glynda Carr, who runs the Higher Heights political action committee that supports Black female candidates nationwide, said public suggestions could elect another Democrat and overlook Harris: “How often Black women are overlooked.”

“You want black women to organize our houses, our blocks, our churches, our sisterhoods? Then we have to stand up for our leadership,” Carr said.

Texas Democratic Representative Jasmine Crockett said it was “impossible to underestimate” what it would mean for black women to see Kamala Harris occupy the US presidency.

Ambitious Democrats don’t want a rushed campaign

Following Joe Biden’s disastrous performance in the debate against Donald Trump, Democrats have mentioned the best alternatives that could run in his place, but Most have said they will continue to support his candidacy.

Democratic operatives, pollsters and elected officials have said in multiple interviews that there has not been “the kind of angry political jockey” to call for support for anyone other than Harris, should Biden have to decline.

These discussions have occurred quietly and it is almost certain that She would be forced to come forward if Biden dropped out of the racewhich would make its continuation difficult.

“Everyone would rather be a starter than a hitter,” Feldman said.

It’s also possible that campaign finances could help facilitate the switch between Biden and Harris. The vice president, as his official running mate, can tap into the $91 million in cash the president’s campaign has raised — which grows to $240 million when allied Democratic organizations are included — in ways that Democratic alternatives likely cannot.

While Trump is already trying to energize donors with the idea that Democrats might flip Biden for Harris, the former president has sent out fundraising emails titled: “Biden is dumped” and “President Kamala Harris?”

Kamala vs. Biden: What do the approval polls say?

Biden has seen his approval rating among black Americans plummeta trend Kamala Harris would hope to reverse before November. Still, the president has long struggled with low approval ratings among Americans overall and the vice president isn’t faring much better.

Around the 39 percent of Americans have a very or somewhat favorable opinion of the vice presidentwhat is in line with Biden’s 40 percent favorabilityBut a June poll by the AP-NORC found slightly fewer have an unfavorable view of Harris — 49 percent compared with 57 percent for Biden.

Harris has a preference of 62 percent among black Americans, compared with 37 percent for Hispanic Americans and 35 percent for white Americans. These numbers are similar to Biden’s, though there may be more opportunities for her to shape opinions.

Approximately 12 percent of Americans said they were not familiar enough with Harris to give an opinion, while the majority has a specific opinion about Biden.