‘I am not going to demonize migrants,’ Biden promises and asks to support his proposal for the border

“I am not going to demonize immigrants”promised the president of the United States, Joe Biden, during his State of the Union addressin which he urged Congress to support his initiative to inject resources into the border with Mexico.

The president criticized Republicans for abandoning an immigration bill after Donald Trump urged them to ‘torpedo’ it so as not to give his rival a political victory. In that sense, he asked his predecessor to allow legislators to vote for the project:

“We can fight for the border or we can fix it”said Biden, who promised “not to separate families,” in clear reference to the immigration policies of the previous administration.

Biden also recalled that “many” migrants come to the United States “fleeing persecution, seeking dreams that they cannot achieve in their countries.”

At some point in the speech, the representative of Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene He interrupted him and reminded the president of the name of a young university student from his state, Laken Riley, allegedly murdered by an undocumented immigrant, to which Biden responded by stating that the majority of homicides in his country are not committed by immigrants.

He promises to return the right to abortion in the US

The president of the United States also promised to restore the right to abortion as law and sent a message to the judges of the Supreme Court, present there, responsible for repealing the Roe vs. Wadethe court order that since 1973 protected the legal termination of pregnancy at the federal level, and which was revoked in June 2022.

“If Americans send me a pro-choice Congress, I promise you: I will restore Roe v. “Wade as law”Biden said.

The American president pointed out that the right to abortion “is the right thing” and thanked Vice President Kamala Harris for what she has done to defend this “great right.”

First Lady Jill Biden’s guests included a Texas woman who was denied an abortion even after her fetus was diagnosed with a terminal genetic disease, as well as an Alabama woman whose embryo transfer was canceled. following a recent decision by the Supreme Court.

“Clearly those who boast of revoking Roe v. Wade “They have no idea of ​​the power of women in the United States,” Biden said.

Port announced in the Gaza Strip for the entry of humanitarian aid

Joe Biden demanded from the Israeli government Do not use humanitarian aid as a “bargaining chip” and allow more food and medicine into the Gaza Strip.

“Israel must allow more aid to Gaza and ensure that humanitarian workers are not caught in the crossfire. To Israel’s leaders I say this: humanitarian assistance cannot be a secondary element or a bargaining chip,” he said during his State of the Union address.

The president announced that The United States will open a port in the Gaza Strip to allow food and medicine to enter the Palestinian enclave and promised that this operation will not require the deployment of American soldiers on the ground.

With information from Bloomberg and EFE.