Hunter Biden accused: When the US election campaign goes into the courtroom

Hunter Biden, the son of the US President, has spent a lot of money on women and drugs. And spoiled the rest. Above all, he did not pay taxes, which is why he has now been charged. His father can’t use that at all during the election campaign.

The upcoming presidential election campaign in the USA could take place to a large extent in the courtroom. In fact, in several, because two people involved have legal problems: Donald Trump and the son of the incumbent president, Hunter Biden. The latter is not running for office, but his father’s opponents are of course happy about his every escapade – they can be used in the election campaign. And there are many of them, as now emerges from an indictmentwhich was raised against Biden Jr. in Los Angeles.

Almost $400,000 for different women

The Public prosecutor writes, the 53 year old decided not to pay taxes, but instead to pay his millions for an “extravagant lifestyle” to spend. The investigators carefully compiled where all his money went: 383.$548 for payments to “miscellaneous Women“, 100.$330 for “adult entertainment,” 772.$548 ATM cash withdrawals, 151.$459 for clothing and accessories – and that in 2018 alone.

Furthermore, he has “Business expenses” recorded, about 10.000 dollars for a membership in a sex club, payments to strippers, plane tickets for an “exotic dancer” or renting one Lamborghinis. Likewise, countless overnight stays in expensive hotels.

The indictment includes the years 2016 to mid-October 2020 i.e. until shortly before Joe Biden was elected president. During that time, Hunter Biden recorded more than seven million US dollars in income, it says dem 56 pages document. The money comes from, among others lucrative position at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma at a time when Father Biden, as Vice President, was responsible for Ukraine. More income came out of opaquen Foreign businessn as well Payments from a “personal friend” totaling $1.2 million over several months in 2020.

Hunter Biden on his time as an alcoholic

The open tax matter is already Hunter Biden’s second major legal construction project: Im He was transferred to Delaware State in September accused. There becomes him charged with one Giving false information when purchasing a weapon and knowingly concealing his drug addiction a violation of gun laws. The lawsuit is based on Biden’s memoirs, in which he impressively and with astonishing candor, he recounts his past as an alcoholic and junkie.

For his father, the charges mean more than anything uncomfortable questions and negative headlines. Hunter Biden’s involvement in the Gas company Burisma During Joe Biden’s vice presidency, Republicans in the House of Representatives took action. She currently present Investigations into possible impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden. As things stand, the plan has no chance of success, but it could still become a nuisance for the Democrat in the election year.

Biden is behind Donald Trump in the polls

For the son of a sitting president to be indicted is unusual, if not unprecedented. The fact that more juicy details are coming to light, which go beyond the memoirs, is an additional burden for Joe Biden during the election campaign. Also because the Democrat likes to set himself as an example of integrity and decency.

The election campaign for Father Biden is already not under a good star. The US President is already 81 and makes the same impression in many appearances. Even within his own party, the Democrats, there is a lot of grumbling about running for office again. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican candidate, is only slightly younger, but he still seems much more agile. Joe Biden claims he is the only one who can beat Trump in the election, but he is now well behind the Republican in the polls. He doesn’t need bad press, even if Trump is also facing multiple charges and has to spend parts of the election campaign in court.

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