How to make football more entertaining without turning into a circus?

There is no doubt about the guaranteed success that a FIFA World Cup It occurs in all corners of the planet, but has it really lost its spark over time? The duels of the world Cup They generate millions of profits for television stations, sponsors and organizers. Ticket prices to see the games live are increasing more and more. Qatar 2022 was a clear example that many “sold the house” to see their team play.

However, Gerard Piqué entered the scene with a proposal that was going to regain the public's attention towards football. The same world champion with Spain in South Africa 2010 and two Champions Leagues with FC Barcelona, ​​believes that no one wants to watch the games anymore, because they are boring.

“You see the children with the tablet playing in the middle of the game. They get bored of the game. It's always the same,' Piqué declared in a program with the Spanish Streaming, Ibay Llanos. Maybe the former player of the culé team is somewhat right or he just wants to continue promoting his product called: The Kings League.

The truth of the matter is that the Kings League, where it brings together soccer teams, seven against seven and the “presidents†are Youtubers, apply strategies within the game to make it more entertaining.

Prominent figures from the history of football appear, for example: Ronaldinho, Andrey Schevchenko, Iker Casillas and Sergio “Kun†Agüero (who presides over one of the clubs).

They managed to fill the Camp Nou in the first Kings League final. They broke streaming records on Twitch and YouTube. They have already announced that the final of the 2024 season will be at the Santiago Bernabéu (home of Real Madrid). And last month, they unveiled the most challenging project for this new version of the sport.

The Kings World Cup will be the new way to enjoy a World Cup, but with the rules of the satisfactory format of the Kings League.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the main figure in publicizing this world tournament. The former Swedish player for Ajax, Inter Milan, PSG, Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles Galaxy and Milan, has a clear objective: to break the mold.

After a year of creation, Kings League wants to go one step further and globalize its competition. With the arrival of Kings League Americas this 2024, Gerard Piqué and company are looking for more, and the creation of the World Cup, the Kings World Cup, is the result of this. In this tournament, 32 teams will fight to be the first to achieve it and take home the 1,090 million dollars exclusive prize for the winners.

Figures such as Neymar and Mario Götze have already confirmed their attendance as team presidents for the world championship, which will take place between May 26 and June 9 in Mexico.