How cancer changes your perspective on life and what experts advise

The experience of facing cancer is an emotional and physical journey full of challenges and learning. In an exclusive interview with La Mesa Caliente, the actress Lorena Meritano shares his moving story of overcoming and reveals how the disease changed his outlook on life.

Lorena tells how she received the shocking news of her diagnosis while enjoying a happy moment in Colombia. “Living is a decision, but the first thing that happens to you is that you die of fear,” she confesses. However, she points out that cancer became “a teacher who, if it doesn't kill you, strengthens you.”

On the other hand, Merce Villegas, an expert in spirituality, shares valuable reflections on acceptance and faith in the midst of adversity. “One word is unconditional acceptance. Sometimes we think acceptance is resignation and it's transformation,” she explains. She highlights lThe importance of maintaining a positive and hopeful attitude, since thoughts can influence the healing process.

ALL THE DETAILS! Lorena Meritano talks about the profound lessons that breast cancer left her

According to the EFE agency, relapses in cancer patients are more frequent in the first years, but after five years of complete remission, the life expectancy of survivors is equal to that of the general population. However, There are still challenges regarding the right to be forgotten oncology and the employment discrimination that patients face.

The president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), Ramon Reyeshighlights the importance of developing measures that eliminate financial and employment barriers for survivors. María Fernanda Picóna breast cancer patient, urges to give voice to the injustices that affect many patients and advocates for greater national consensus to support those fighting the disease.

Cancer not only changes a person's outlook on life, but it also can be a catalyst for personal growth and finding a greater sense of purpose. Through mutual support and public awareness, we can move toward a future where all cancer patients can live with dignity and hope.

(With information from EFE)