Historic: California player wins $2.04 billion in Powerball lottery

MIAMI.– In a lottery unprecedented, the Powerball lottery This Monday, February 19, he launched his draw and a player from the state of California He won $2,024 million, the largest jackpot in history in a game of chance that is popular in the United States.

The prize exceeds the one drawn by Powerball in October 2023, when a lottery player, also from California, obtained $1.73 billion with the ticket purchased in Frazier Park, near Los Angeles.

The draw was delayed by 10 hours due to a technical problem with one of the participating states, it was reported. But the new winner puts an end to just over five months without the jackpot being awarded with a ticket that costs just $2.

Powerball, the most popular and attractive lottery game in the US, is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays in 45 states in the country, Washington DC, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The large depth of the jackpot allows you to achieve prizes of astronomical amounts in a relatively short time. Their awards are surpassing their own records. In November 2022 it reached the second highest sum recorded until then, after the $1,586 million that was drawn in 2016.

Play Powerball, how to do it?

To participate in the Powerball drawing, players must purchase in one of the accepted jurisdictions a ticket with six numbers, five corresponding to the white balls, between the number 1 and 69, and one more, corresponding to the red Powerball, between 1 and 26.

To win the jackpot, players have to match all six numbers on white balls and the red ball on the day of the draw. However, there are also prizes of up to $1 million for players with the fewest guesses.

It is said that the difficulty of guessing the six numbers is one in 293 million.

When will the next Powerball drawing be?

It is expected that for the Powerball drawing on Monday, February 29, the jackpot is estimated at $330 million, with a cash value of $155.8 million, it was reported.

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