Hialeah opposes privileging businesses with ties to the Havana regime

MIAMI.- The Hialeah council unanimously approved a proposal by Councilman Bryan Calvo to present a resolution that ensures that no company with ties to the Cuban communist regime can receive legal privileges or do business with the city's City Council.

“When reviewing today's agenda, I realized that we have a point in which we are dealing with the Cubamax Travel business,†Calvo began by saying at the last Council meeting.

“Cubamax, on its website, says that its greatest aspiration is to contribute to the unity of the Cuban family, to build bridges for the creation of solid ties of friendship and solidarity between Cubans and other nationalities, providing all the necessary services to May your stay in Cuba be totally pleasant. We serve Cubans who want to visit their country, their family and friends, and foreigners who dream of getting to know the island, and various groups who, for cultural, religious, scientific or academic reasons, feel the need to travel to Cuba.†€, Calvo read.

“Doing a little research, I saw that Cubamax had offered some concerts in Cuba and had many relationships with the Cuban government.”

Still under the shock of the recent incident of the visit of a delegation of the Cuban regime to the Miami International Airport (MIA) to tour very sensitive security areas, I thought it was appropriate to call my colleagues to create a resolution that allows “make sure that no company doing business with the Cuban communist regime can receive legal privileges or do business with the City Council,” explained Calvo, who is running for county tax collector.

The councilor told DIARIO LAS AM͉RICAS that he personally opposes the proliferation of this type of business in Hialeah. “But we live in a free country. Anyone can open their own business and we cannot prohibit it. What we can do is try to ensure that they are not hired by City Hall, or that they have legal privileges that allow them to work outside of what is established in the city code. That would be additional permission that we would be giving them so that they can grow.â€

The Council unanimously approved the councilman's request, and at the next meeting on June 11 the proposal will be presented to seek final approval from that legislative body. The letter of the document will be drafted by Calvo himself together with the city's legal team.

Hialeah, the second largest municipality in South Florida, is the city outside the island with the highest concentration of Cubans. The members of his government are mostly Cuban-Americans.

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