Hamilton regrets FIA behavior in case of Mercedes boss

PARIS.- Lewis Hamilton lamented on Friday that the International Automobile Federation (FIA) “would call into question the integrity” of Susie Wolff, general director of the F1 Academy and wife of the director of the Mercedes team, Toto Wolffthe subject of a brief investigation for conflict of interest.

According to the British, the FIA he settled for saying “sorry at the end“, A situation “unacceptable“for the seven-time world champion of Formula 1 and driver of the Mercedes team, who gave his opinion during a press conference in Baku.

The investigation, closed on thursdaywas opened two days earlier, after the revelations of the specialized media Business F1, according to which several leaders of teams participating in F1 had expressed internally their concern about the possibility that Susie Wolff and Toto Wolff could exchange information that should remain confidential.

The Federation later backed down, ensuring that there was no conflict of interest.

But at the end of this “difficult week,” Hamilton found “disappointing to see that the governing body of our sport sought to question the integrity of one of the most incredible leaders we have ever had“, referring to Susie Wolff.

On Tuesday, Mercedes “totally rejected these accusations” regarding “integrity and compliance” of Toto Wolff.

In a statement published on Friday on the Mercedes website, Toto Wolff indicated “being in legal exchange with the FIA“, expect “total transparency about what happened” and reserves the right to assert its rights.

Although he indicates that he will not comment for now, he will express himself “in an opportune moment“.

own Susie Wolff reacted on Tuesday in X, stating that it was “demotivating that my integrity is called into question in this way, especially because it seems to be based on intimidating and misogynistic behaviorand focused on my marital status rather than my capabilities.

On Friday he published a new message, the day after the announcement of the end of the investigation.

“When I saw the statement from the FIA yesterday (Thursday), my first reaction was ‘Is that all?'” he wrote.

Without direct communication from FIA:

Susie Wolff He also stated that “no one in the FIA ​​has spoken to him directly“during the two days after the opening of the investigation.

I will not be intimidated and I intend to continue until I discover who is behind this campaign and who has misled the media.“he indicated.

Hamilton, for his part, wanted to remember that “We strive to improve diversity and inclusion within the industry“, but “it seems that some people within the FIA, every time we try to take a step forward, they try to make us retreat. “That must change.”

On Wednesday night, one day after the announcement of the investigation by the FIAeach of the other nine F1 teams supported the Wolffs, stating in separate – but identical – statements “not having transmitted the slightest protest to the FIA“.