García Luna again: US Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of bribing prisoners to achieve a new trial

The United States Attorney’s Office This Friday he opposed repeating the trial against Genaro García Luna, former secretary of public security of Mexico (2006-2012), and also accused him of offer money to New York prison inmates where he is imprisoned so that false testimonies can be given in his favor.

García Luna’s defense had requested a repeat trial against their client, arguing that they have received new evidence that would exonerate him after he was found guilty in February 2023 of crimes of corruption and drug trafficking, and the Prosecutor’s Office’s deadline to respond to that motion expired today.

As expected, the Prosecutor’s Office objected and delivered a memorandum of about 90 pages with several sealed parts arguing the validity of the jury’s verdict, which considered Genaro Luna guilty of the five crimes with which he was charged, for which faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

“Even if the court were to accept the defense arguments as true, they leave untouched the compelling and corroborated testimony of multiple witnesses that the defendant accepted millions of dollars in cash from the Sinaloa Cartel and that he conspired to help him when his obligation was to pursue him.” ”, they explain.

The judge, Brian Cogan, must issue a ruling on the former Mexican official’s defense motion for a repeat trial, possibly in a specific hearing that the Prosecutor’s Office has also opposed, requesting a simple and direct denial, according to with the document.

García Luna’s sentence postponed until June

The defense has managed to postpone the hearing for García Luna’s sentencing, now dated June 24, 2024thanks to some alleged “new favorable evidence” against which the prosecutors have charged, ensuring that they were “delaying maneuvers.”

The Prosecutor’s Office, in its writing today, asked the judge not to repeat the trial, arguing that this new evidence, which alludes to a “conspiracy of witnesses,” is the product of bribes in the form of money and “incentives” on the part of García Luna. to other inmates to give false sworn statements and testimonies in your favor.

According to the Prosecutor’s own investigation, García Luna has hatched a “plot” from the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center and even offered up to 2 million dollars to an inmate to help him with these purposes, money that would be given to him through a “Mexican partner”indicates the document.

Prosecutors assure that other “new evidence” was known to the accused or should have been before and during the trial, that it was available if “reasonable diligence” was carried out and, above all, that it does not discredit the “mountain” of evidence proven in the process against him.

García Luna, 55, was found guilty in February 2023 of four crimes related to corruption and cocaine drug trafficking that can carry life, and a fifth crime of giving false testimony to United States authorities when he applied for nationality.