Gabriel Boric: “In Venezuela the institutions are clearly deteriorated”

SANTIAGO.- He Chilean President Gabriel Boric recently expressed himself about the situation of Venezuela. The president said that in the Caribbean country, the institutions are “clearly deteriorated.” His words came after a senior official of the Nicolás Maduro regime attribute responsibility for the murder to the Chilean authorities Chili of a former Venezuelan dissident military man.

“In Venezuela institutions, at least within the framework of the rule of law that we have in mind Chili“They are clearly deteriorated and we are a serious country, a responsible country, we trust in the work carried out by our Public Ministry, and we support the actions of the Chilean Justice,” he said. Boric during a tour of Europe, reported El Nacional.

Last week, the attorney general of the Maduro regimeTarek Williams Saab, stated that the murder in Chili by former Venezuelan dissident military officer Ronald Ojeda was an operation to affect the ties between the two countries.

“I could say (…) that said murder was committed by foreign intelligence services with the support of Chilean intelligence officials,” said the prosecutor of the Maduro regime.

In response to Saab's statements, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Gloria de la Fuente, expressed that “they are not consistent with the declaration of the Venezuelan regime to provide all possible collaboration and cooperation to identify those suspected of having participated in the murder of Lieutenant Ojeda and deliver, by the way, information.

After this incident, Boric ruled out breaking relations with Caracas. “In international politics, I believe that the most important thing is to obtain results, and the results are generally obtained by talking and not breaking, they are obtained by building bridges and not walls,” he said.

His statements came after he announced that he had contacted the Chilean Foreign Minister, Alberto van Klaveren, to present “a note of protest as corresponds to diplomatic channels.”

“That said, I consider that the general statements of the Venezuelan authorities have been irresponsible. Today there is an international arrest warrant for the criminals who murdered former Lieutenant Ojeda, and therefore Venezuela has the obligation to contribute to his capture in the event that these people were in Venezuelan territory,†Boric added.

Ronald Ojeda, a 32-year-old retired military officer from the Venezuelan Army, was kidnapped in Chile on February 21 by people who pretended to be Chilean police officers, who took him out of his apartment in his underwear at dawn.

Nine days later, he was found dead inside a suitcase that had been buried in a neighborhood of the Chilean capital, Santiago.