From Canada to Mexico: This is the steam train that comes to CDMX

One of the most famous steam trains in North America will be in Mexico after its tour through Canada and the United States as part of the exciting Final Spike Steam Tourorganized by Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC).

This tour will depart from Calgary, Canada, and will make 11 stops between cities in the three countries to end in Mexico City.

“We look forward to proudly celebrating that historic railroad moment with a tour starring the 2816, honoring our history and looking forward to an exciting future full of opportunities for our railroaders, customers and communities,” CPKC said.

steam locomotive type Hudson 4-6-4which was built in December 1930 by Montreal Locomotive Works will be in operation to celebrate the first anniversary of the Canadian Pacific Kansas City company.

“This 2816 steam tour will bring to life the history of our signature North American railroad and its exciting future for railroad fans and visitors to our network,” he added.

What is the CPKC steam train like?

With its elegant 1930s design, the iconic Canadian Pacific Empress 2816 It has been one of the locomotives that, despite the years, has made international tours for exhibition.

According to the CPKC company, the steam train was originally intended for rapid freight and passenger service, where it worked mainly in eastern Canada. for almost 30 years before retiring on May 26, 1960.

However, it has since served as Canadian Pacific's roving steam ambassador throughout Canada and the United States before being laid up in storage in 2012. Now, after a decade, the engine has been carefully prepared to once again travel on the rails..

Unlike diesel locomotives, no two steam engines are the same. Each hand-built locomotive bears the marks of its creators: tons of steel and plumbing.

“Two steam engines can be built almost identically in the same workshop,” he reflects. Jim Scott, Member of the crew. “But like twins, after a year of being derailed, they have completely different personalities.”

What day will you be in CDMX?

In Mexico, the steam locomotive will only make one stop in the vicinity of the country's capital, where the public will have the opportunity to see 2816 up close, learn more about the locomotive and the history of CPKC.

In addition, they can enjoy the Puffer Belly Express mini train, a quarter-scale steam locomotive model for free.

On June 7, the steam train can be seen in the capital, starting at 12:00 p.m. on Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca Street and Río San Joaquín Dos Lagos Avenue, in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office.

Before arriving in Mexico, the machine is scheduled to have a stop on June 7 in Laredo, Texas.