Former Marlins player surprised by statements from his former teammate

MIAMI-. Miguel Rojasinfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgershe was upset by the criticism that was thrown at him Jazz Chisholm Jr.., his former teammate in the Miami Marlins.

The 35-year-old Venezuelan spoke on the podcast “The Chris Rose Rotation,” broadcast on Tuesday. On that broadcast, he responded to comments Chisholm had made on “The Pivot Podcast,†released March 19 and hosted by former NFL players Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor.

Chisholm, 26, had said that his first three seasons in the Major Leagues, from 2020 to '22, were “probably the three worst years” of his life. He said that Marlins veterans mistreated young players like him.

Specifically, Chisholm made reference to someone who was the “captain of the team,†without mentioning that player by name.

“Even though they stunk, they have been there for nine or 10 years and the team called them captain. But they were not a good captain or a good person,†Chisholm commented. “At this point they are not even a good sport. They are simply there and they are affecting young people who should be good.

The Marlins did not have a captain in those years, but Rojas is considered to have been one unofficially. He played for the Marlins from 2015 to '22 and was traded to the Dodgers in January 2023.

Rojas said he learned about Chisholm's comments through the press, his agent and some family members.

“You may think that I suck at baseball, that I am not a good player or a good leader,†Rojas said. “But when you cross a certain line and say I'm not a good person and I'm only there because I guess he thinks I told someone he should be there, that bothers me. ‘Please keep me there so he can be a Major League player for 10 years.'â€

Chisholm, elected to the All-Star Game in 2022, said that he was dissatisfied during his first three seasons with the Marlins, because “there were veterans who hated” what he did.

An avid shoe collector, Chisholm spoke in a way that bothered him about a veteran whom he did not identify.

“My first year in the majors I walk into the locker room, I have 20 pairs of shoes,†Chisholm said. “Everyone knows I like them. I have about 20 pairs, seven or eight pairs just for practice, and about 100 pairs of batting gloves, all personalized. None of them are normal, black or white. “They all have colors.”

“I think during the first week, one of the veterans tore up my shoes, poured milk on them, and threw them in the trash, saying, 'These shoes are ugly, man. Get yourself some new ones. I don't want to say on camera what I did, but I definitely wasn't the guy who was going to put up with that. I definitely went and threw the entire locker in the trash. That's me. You're not going to come here and mess with the things I've designed with hard work.†.

Without talking about that specific incident, Rojas said he was upset that Chisholm had revealed things that happened in the locker room.

“They are like our home,†he justified. “And there are things that should never leave the clubhouse.†.