Foreign Minister of Colombia responds to Diosdado Cabello: “Foolish words, deaf ears”

BOGOTÃ – He Colombian Foreign Minister Luis Gilberto Murillo responded to the accusations made by the Chavista leader God given hairwho attacked the Colombian official after he spoke in favor of “a peaceful transition” In Venezuela.

“To foolish words, deaf ears”He said Colombian Foreign Minister when consulted by Colombian journalists about Cabello's accusations within the framework of the Ministerial Meeting of the Association of Caribbean States in Suriname.

“Precisely today we had a very productive, very sincere meeting with the Foreign Minister of Venezuela who is here at this meeting, Yvan Gil, where we expressed our concerns. They expressed some that they have, but we have always maintained a very fluid diplomatic dialogue and that is the official voice, obviously, of the government of Venezuela. That is why we really do not want to respond or give in to any provocation from other actors on either side, which sometimes happens to them. interest is to generate conflict,” said the chancellor.

On Wednesday, Cabello attacked Murillo on his weekly television program.

“Really? Seriously, Mr. Chancellor, really? Who sent you to declare that? Your president of Colombia or your president of the United States? Who do you work for? “Who gives you the right to talk about the transition in Venezuela? Who has authorized you to talk about the transition in Venezuela?” questioned Cabello, who is the vice president of the United Socialist Party. of Venezuela (PSUV).

Cabello assured that Murillo “is a North American official,” referring to his previous position as Colombian ambassador to the United States. “You don't work for the Colombian government. Look at where you were before. Look at where you were before becoming chancellor of Colombia,” he said.

Cabello affirmed that the Chavista regime will “never” be willing to “capitulate” and urged the Colombian foreign minister to take care of his country's internal affairs.

“Take care of the internal affairs of Colombia, which has problems that screw up, even, so that you are getting involved in the internal affairs of Venezuela. That statement is very rude. That statement is unfriendly. We know that he works for the government We know it. He comes from there, appointed by them. That's why they removed the previous chancellor and appointed him to carry out these operations,” he lashed out.

And he attacked the chancellor: Tell me who have you spoken to about the transition, chancellor? He speaks in full, right? Speak complete. Surely you spoke with the sayona (MarÃa Corina Machado), surely you spoke with the unclean man (Edmundo González Urrutia), surely you spoke with Leopoldo López, with Julio Borges, because you did not speak with a revolutionary.”

During his speech at the 54th Conference of the Council of the Americas (COA), held in Washington, Murillo indicated that Colombia hopes that Venezuela's presidential elections, scheduled for July 28, will be fair, competitive and free, or that, at least, are “acceptable†.

He added that they have held conversations “through diplomatic channels” with different actors in Venezuelan political life, mainly, the regime and the opposition led by María Corina Machado.