Ferrari's impossible mission is to reduce the advantage against Red Bull

This is one of the most exciting duels on the sixth date of the 24 scheduled for the Formula 1 world championship in 2024.

The Red Bulls, driven by Max Verstappen and the Mexican Sergio Pérez, lead the constructors' classification with 195 points, 44 more than those of the Prancing Horse, driven by Monaco's Charles Leclerc and the Spanish Carlos Sainz. .

While the McLarens are third in contention, thanks to the good performances of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri.

The great challenge that the Ferraris have is to prevent the Red Bulls from taking off, as they threaten after occupying first place in China, with Verstappen, and third with Pérez.

Verstappen's thing is impressive. In 357 days he has not been on the top of the podium only twice and this season he has four victories in five races. He maintains the lead among the drivers with a 25-point advantage over his teammate Pérez.

At this pace, Verstappen is moving confidently towards the goal of winning his fourth consecutive world title. Ferrari will try to prevent it, and it has been doing well.

In the first four races of the year he had placed on the podium, and in the third in Australia Sainz and Leclerc took first and second place and Norris came third.

Everything indicated that in China the Italian cars were going to make life miserable for the Red Bulls and the opposite happened.

For the first time in the 2024 campaign, the Ferraris were left off the podium and that was a blow for the Maranello team, which was not satisfied with Leclerc's fourth place and Sainz's fifth.

Ferrari will seek to win in Miami

Leclerc attributed Ferrari's results in China to unforeseen factors and is hopeful that Miami will be another story for his team.

“In China we had our strategy prepared, but when the race stopped and we left with the safety car everything changed,†explained the monk. “Until that moment (before the stop) we were doing very well.†.

In any case, there is an improvement in the Ferraris compared to the previous season and if the team prepares more flexible strategies that can be adjusted to improve situations that are out of control, then they will be able to fight against the Red Bull with better chances of success.

For his part, Sainz was quite self-critical and simply said: “We have to improve in the next race.”

As they have been demonstrating for three consecutive seasons, Red Bull are one step ahead of the others and it is very difficult for them to catch up. Ferrari has the challenge of having a perfect season so as not to fall behind, because every mistake pays dearly, as happened in China.

Indeed, in China the Ferraris were stripped of the podium by Norris from McLaren and the English team will surely arrive in Miami emboldened by the results achieved in Shanghai.

Checo and Alonso, other stars to watch in Miami

Precisely, Pérez was hurt because Norris displaced him from second place and hopes to vindicate himself on the Hard Rock Stadium track. The Mexican's goal is not only to get on the podium but to beat his teammate.

They say that in Formula 1, paradoxically, your greatest enemy is your teammate and it is a battle that is fought openly. That is why PÃ © rez does not hide his rivalry with Verstappen, even though they both wear the same shirt, work for the same team, but when it comes to fighting for first place it is a personal duel.

Spaniard Fernando Alonso can also become a great entertainer in Miami, just as he did in 2023 when he placed third behind Verstappen and Pérez. He now remains in eighth place in the drivers' classification and in the five races of the current campaign he managed to score points.

All the ingredients have been stacked for the F1 Grand Prix in Miami to respond to the extraordinary expectations it has aroused.

F1 cars on the track

  1. Test Day Time
  2. Practice Friday 12:30 pm-1:30 pm
  3. Sprint (qualifier) ​​Friday 4:30 pm-5:14 pm
  4. Sprint Saturday 12pm-1pm
  5. Classification Saturday 4 pm-5 pm
  6. Pilots parade Sunday 3 pm
  7. Race Sunday 4 p.m.

The other races

Test Day Activity

F1 Academy (ladies) Friday 1st and 2nd practice

Porsche Carrera Cup Friday 1st and 2nd practice

F1 Academy (ladies) Saturday First race

Porsche Carrera Cup Saturday First race

Porsche Carrera Cup Sunday Second race

F1 Academy (ladies) Sunday Second race

F1 Position Table

Drivers Team Points

1 Max Verstappen Red Bull 110

2 Sergio Pérez Red Bull 85

3 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 76

4 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 69

5 Lando Norris McLaren 58

6 Oscar Piastri McLaren 38

7 George Russell Mercedes 33

8 Fernando Alonso Aston Martin 31

9 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 19

10 Lance Stroll Aston Martin 9

10 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 8

Teams Points

1 Red Bull Racing 195

2 Ferrari 151

3 McLaren 96

4 Mercedes Benz 52

5 Aston Martin 40

6 Vis Cash App RB 7

7 Haas F1 Team 5

8 Williams 0

9 Alpine 0

10 Kick Sauber 0

Upcoming races

Date Place

05/03-05 Miami GP

05/17-19 Italian GP

05/24-26 Monaco GP

06/07-09 Canadian GP

06/21-23 Spanish GP

06/28-30 Austrian GP

05/07-07 British GP

07/19-21 Hungarian GP

07/26-28 Belgian GP

08/23-25 ​​Dutch GP