Elections 2024: Biden: Trump is motivation to run for re-election

Do the Democrats have no one else up their sleeve than the 81-year-old Biden? Despite all the criticism about his age, he wants a second term as US President. This also has to do with his competitor.

US President Joe Biden wants to move into the White House again after the 2024 election – he has now commented on his motives. “If Trump didn’t run, I’m not sure I would run,” Biden said at a campaign event in Boston, according to accompanying press. But you shouldn’t let former US President Donald Trump win. The Republican wants to become his party’s presidential candidate and has a huge lead over his competitors in internal party polls.

The 81-year-old Biden is clearly considered by the Democrats to be the most promising candidate to win the primaries. In 2021, he moved into the White House as the oldest US president ever. Biden’s age and his suitability to run for president again have long been the subject of debate, including within his own party.

Biden had often made it clear in the past that Trump was an important motivation for his renewed application. However, in April he put this into perspective: “I think I would still run if he didn’t.” There is still a lot of work that needs to be completed.

Warnings of another Trump presidency

Recently, warnings about another Trump presidency had become particularly loud again. Republican and Trump critic Liz Cheney warned that the US was in danger of “sleepwalking into a dictatorship.” The rather liberal magazine “The Atlantic” dedicated an entire issue to the dangers of another Trump presidency. The 77-year-old Trump recently turned the tables and called Biden the “destroyer” of democracy.

Trump was defeated by Biden in the 2020 presidential election, but to this day refuses to admit his defeat and spreads the lie of election fraud. As a result, he has to answer in court in several criminal cases – a first in US history. Last year he even called for the constitution to be undermined on the social media platform he co-founded. He wrote: “A massive fraud of this nature and magnitude allows the repeal of all rules, regulations and articles, including those in the Constitution.”