Election advertising for Donald Trump: "So God created Trump"

Donald Trump was and is sent by God to save the USA. That is the core message of a video that the ex-president also spreads. What seems almost ridiculous on this side of the Atlantic could work surprisingly well in the USA.

Former US President Donald Trump shared a video on “Truth Social” that seems quite absurd to many people – but may strengthen others in their faith. The video initially shows the Earth from space, then Donald Trump as a child and video sequences from his time in office. A male voice can be heard off-camera: “And on June 14, 1946, God looked down on his plan of paradise and said, I need a steward. So God gave us Trump.”

This sets the tone of the video. It continues: “God said, ‘I need someone willing to get up before dawn. Fix this country. Work all day. Fight the Marxists. Eat dinner. Then go to the Oval Office and stay until after midnight . And a meeting with the heads of state. So God created Trump.'” There are several more minutes of praise for the ex-president. The speaker repeatedly emphasizes that Trump is given and created by God. “I need someone whose arms are strong enough to wrestle with the Deep State, yet gentle enough to give birth to his own grandchild. Someone who will shake things up. Who will tame the cantankerous World Economic Forum. Go home hungry “Have to wait until the First Lady has lunch with friends. Then tell the ladies to come back soon and mean it. So God gave us Trump.”

Donald Trump created by God?

Further supposed requirements of God follow, which, according to the video, Donald Trump fulfills: “I need someone who can shape an ax but swing a sword. Who had the courage to set foot in North Korea?” Or: “God needed someone who was willing to go into the den of vipers. Denounce the fake news, because their tongues are sharp as snakes. The poison of vipers is on their lips. And yet. Stop! So God created Trump.”

The video may seem absurd to Europeans, but it could make sense for the USA: According to studies by political scientist Paul Djupe from Denison University, in March 2023, 13 percent of Americans believed that Trump was sent by God to take over the USA to rescue. In October 2020, shortly before the midterm elections, it was even 30 percent. According to white evangelicals, God played a role in the election of all previous US presidents – with the exception of President Obama, who is said to have been appointed by Satan instead. Many Americans believe that God specifically chose Trump for the presidency in 2016 because he seemed the perfect choice to lead his thrice-blessed nation to its manifest destiny as a white Christian haven.

It is unclear who is behind the video, but the purpose is even clearer: It is apparently intended to appeal to white, Christian groups of voters and reinforce their belief that Donald Trump is God’s chosen presidential candidate – also for 2024.

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