“Échate pa’llá”, good Spanish eating in Doral

“The idea is to have a different Spanish restaurant, in which we have the flavors, with its hams, oils, meats and seafood, and the essence of how healthy Spanish Mediterranean cuisine is,” the maestro told DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS. chef.

The idea arose after they thought about “opening a small winery” with Spanish products and snacks. “My partner Jordi Ceamanos was looking for the location and when talking with José Rodríguez the project grew and we decided to have a restaurant,” he commented.

The entrepreneurial trio opted for Doral “because Miami is saturated with restaurants,” he noted.

Doral “is a new area, which is growing, and there are no Spanish restaurants near ours. Furthermore, it is a wealthy area, willing to eat well,” he stressed.

Antonio, who comes from Almería, the Andalusian city that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, went there for a while “to work with (the Spanish group specialized in food, nutrition and health) Nutrisanum, which had already worked with them before, and there we prepared the menu, as balanced as possible,” explained this chef with the soul of a businessman.

At first glance, the spaciousness of the venue stands out, in a new building in Doral, where, from a tablao located at one end, live music and singing plays, with ballads and dance music included, from Thursday to Sunday.

At the table, where good wine or beer competes with a glass of water, the presentation of each of the dishes stands out, meticulously prepared by the chef and assistants.

“They are Spanish dishes with superior quality, without saturating them with fat, which you will not find in another restaurant in Miami,” he highlighted.

To start, croquettes of Serrano ham or cod, or both, correctly placed in a wooden chest on insulating paper. Three pieces for $6.

The delicate and succulent crystal bread with serrano ham and seasoned grated tomato stands out for $14, but the marinated pork tenderloin, with bread and tomato, for $4, also stands out because the meat melts in your mouth with barely moving your jaw.

Special mention should be made of the Russian potato, mayonnaise, prickly pear and vegetable salad for $8 and grandma’s meatballs, in a lightly seasoned tomato sauce, which conquer the palate from the first bite for $16.

Antonio does not forget the paellas, or the rice dishes, or the Segovian suckling pig, or the beef tenderloin, or the lamb chops.

From the sea the offer is varied. From Galician-style cod, with sliced ​​garlic toasted in olive oil, La Vera paprika and caramelized risotto for $38.

In addition, there is sea bream fillet, octopus, salmon, anchovies, eels and mahi mahi, with honey sauce, almonds, raisins and caramelized onion on potatoes that deserves a Michelin star, for $30.

Another star dish is the brothy rice with fish, squid, mussels, clams, shrimp and fresh prawn for $32.

“As they do not usually suck the head of the shrimp,” said Jordi, “we have devised a method to extract the juice and increase the flavor of the dish.”

For desserts, caramelized Brioche French toast, Brie cheese flan with ‘fireworks’, homemade brownie with ice cream and soft Santiago tart.

On Saturday, December 30, at 8:30 pm, Raquel Heredia, ‘La repompa’, takes to the tablao, considered one of the most prestigious dancers in Spain.

Consult theechatepalla.com portal for more information.
Restaurant lie down 7835 NW 107 Avenue, Doral.
Reservations 786 395 7284

Closed on Mondays.