'Drug tunnel' discovered on Mexico-US border; They allegedly trafficked people and drugs

Elements of the State Public Security Police and personnel of the United States Border Patrol located a drug tunnel in San Luis Río Colorado, that crosses under the steel fence that divides the Mexico-US border and ends on North American soil.

The authorities of both sides of the border carry out the corresponding investigations to try to identify and locate those responsible for the tunnel that is presumed to be used for el drug and human trafficking.

The excavation discovery occurred while a team from the border Patrolfrom the so-called Grupo Enlace, carried out a surveillance tour in collaboration with elements of the Sonora State Public Security Police.

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) revealed that based on these findings, the Investigation Folder was formed against whoever or those who are responsible for the commission of crimes against health and trafficking of undocumented immigrants.

It should be noted that the tunnel was located on one side of the border wall, to the east of the city, which is a desert and practically lonely area.

According to the investigation folder, on May 1, elements of the State Public Security Police (PESP) reported that, when carrying out prevention and surveillance tours, in coordination with Border Patrol Personnel from the “Enlace” group, They located and secured an excavation that turned out to be a tunnel, on the side of the border wall.

Various tools used in the construction of the drug tunnel were also found at the site, including shovels, bars, buckets and a hammer. The report states that the utensils were hidden, covered with leaves of wood and brush to disguise their presence.

The law enforcement officers proceeded to protect the place and disable the excavation, while the corresponding investigations are carried out. from both sides of the border.

It is worth mentioning that in the process no people were insured, only the tools and excavation object of the investigation.