Donald Trump’s statement on NATO’s obligation to provide assistance: words of "Bragging rights"

Donald Trump is apparently ready to give up defending NATO allies, as he said in the US primary election campaign. The national and international press reacted unusually clearly.

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump says he would not grant protection from Russia to NATO partners who do not meet their financial obligations. The former US President made this clear at a campaign event in the US state of South Carolina.

The former US president said during the appearance on Saturday that the “president of a great country” had once asked him whether the US would still protect this country from Russia even if it did not pay for defense spending. He replied: “No, I wouldn’t protect you.” What’s more, he would “even encourage Russia to do whatever the hell they want.” It was unclear whether such a conversation had ever taken place between Trump and a head of state, as the Republican also said: “Let’s assume that happened.” This is how the press reacted to it:

“Donald Trump is playing with the future of your ancestral countries!”

“Rzeczpospolita”, Poland: “Is there still something left in Trump of the business pragmatism that supposedly characterized him? It is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that, because the billionaire failed to take into account that all NATO countries that are close to Russia are far more than that Poland spends a recommended two percent of its gross domestic product on defense, Poland even more than the USA. It is to be hoped that Trump’s statements will be heard by American voters of Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Finnish origin. They must be helped to draw the right conclusions , because in several states they can influence the outcome of the election. Americans, Donald Trump is playing with the future of the countries of your ancestors!”

Donald Trump’s “crazy words”

“Information”, Denmark: “Even by his own standards of wild speech, the words that came out of Donald Trump’s mouth on Saturday were crazy as he lashed out at the U.S.’s NATO allies at a campaign rally in South Carolina.”

“Wall Street Journal”, USA: “Deterrence depends on a combination of force and the willingness to use it. Trump’s boast that he would not help an ally will sow doubt among our allies and could lead Putin to believe he can get away with another invasion. Putin has effectively said that the Baltic states legally belong to Russia. The United States should have an election debate about the growing threats to U.S. security and how to address them. Instead, we have an incumbent who is responsible for the collapse of US deterrence and a Republican front-runner who raves about dictators. No wonder Putin seems so confident these days.”

“De Telegraaf”, Netherlands: “The core of the alliance is Article 5 of the NATO Treaty: An attack on one country is therefore considered an attack on all countries. This is independent of financial obligations. Trump believes he can override NATO’s collective defense if a country doesn’t pay enough. It is in the interest of collective defense that the obligations associated with membership are fulfilled. But questioning Article 5 endangers the security of the entire alliance.”

“Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”, Heidelberg: “Trump’s threat to accuse NATO states of being a target for Putin is probably due to his tendency to loudmouth, and less to tactical considerations. Other announcements – revenge against all political opponents, mass layoffs in the government – should be taken seriously. Trump’s re-election would have catastrophic consequences Consequences for Europe and also for the USA. In their own interest, the Democrats should change the driving force, send Biden into his well-deserved retirement and go into the election campaign with a different team – because Vice Kamala Harris won’t be able to pull it off this time either.”

“Augsburger Allgemeine”, Augsburg: “Trump and his fanatical colleagues are capable of learning – unfortunately. Wüterich and his team have been working doggedly in the background for months to create the conditions so that Trump can rule against the 81-year-old incumbent Joe Biden in the event of an election victory. This awakens them worst fears – for the citizens of the USA, but also for Europe and especially Germany.”