Donald Trump's former confidant Hope Hicks is incriminating the ex-president

Her appearance in the trial against Donald Trump was eagerly awaited. Would the former White House communications director be more likely to help the prosecution or the defense? In the end, the key witness takes an unexpected path.

The witness cries. Hope Charlotte Hicks spent an hour and a half answering the prosecution's questions – and just as one of Donald Trump's defense lawyers wanted to cross-examine her, the 35-year-old was overcome by it. She averts her gaze and looks sheepishly at the jury. Is it because of all the attention in the last few weeks? Because her testimony in the so-called hush money trial was expected like no other? Or because just a few minutes ago she did serious damage to the credibility of Donald Trump, the man she has admired for a long time and is supposed to like to this day?