Donald Trump wants to be a dictator – but "just for a day"

He wants to build a dictatorship – Donald Trump keeps repeating this accusation. Now he denied the plans. However, with an irritating statement.

Donald Trump repeatedly draws attention to himself with statements that sound more like an autocrat than a presidential candidate. At a town hall meeting, Trump was specifically asked about this by his friend Sean Hannity, a Fox News host – and gave a disturbing answer.

“Tonight, will you promise America that under no circumstances will you abuse your power, break the law?” Hannity asked very clearly. “Only the first day,” Trump replied unexpectedly. He then plans to use the US president’s special power privileges to close the Mexican border and drill for oil.

Trump on dictatorship: “Only on the first day”

Trump fully understood that the specific question was whether he would abuse his power as a kind of dictator after various threats. Hannity had openly spoken to him about the accusation that he wanted to introduce a dictatorship if he were re-elected. “I love this guy,” he said of Hannity. “He asks me: You’re not going to be a dictator, are you?” he explained his statement. “I answer: No, no, no. Only on the first day. We close the border, drill, drill, drill. After that, I’m no longer a dictator.”

There are several reasons for concern about possible abuse of power in the event of a second term in office. Trump has repeatedly referred to his opponents as “vermin” in recent weeks, reminiscent of speeches from the Nazi regime, as his rival President Joe Biden has already noted. Plans had also become known to expand the power of the presidency and specifically weaken US democracy.

Accusations against Biden

Trump himself sees his announcements as a reaction to the alleged dictatorship of the current office holder. When asked whether he would abuse the power of his office to take action against his opponents, he answered with a counter question: “You mean how they are currently using their power?” he asked in reference to the numerous legal proceedings against the former president for election fraud and financial fraud.

The fact that Hannity himself confronts him with the allegations is quite remarkable. In recent weeks, Trump has tried several times to paint the prosecution of law enforcement authorities as attempts at oppression by the current government. Biden, as a dictator, is destroying democracy, he claimed in speeches. And announced that if he were re-elected, he would take full force against Biden and the legal system.

Source:Fox Town Hall